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FastMaint CMMS: A Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use Maintenance Management Software

How FastMaint CMMS Can Improve Your Maintenance Management

Maintenance management is a crucial aspect of any business that relies on physical assets and equipment. It involves planning, scheduling, executing, and monitoring the maintenance activities to ensure optimal performance, reliability, and safety of the assets. However, maintenance management can also be challenging, time-consuming, and costly if not done properly.

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That's why you need a software solution that can help you streamline and automate your maintenance management processes. And that's where FastMaint CMMS comes in. FastMaint CMMS is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that allows you to manage your maintenance operations more efficiently and effectively.

In this article, we will explain what FastMaint CMMS is, how it works, and what benefits it can bring to your business.

What is FastMaint CMMS?

FastMaint CMMS is a software application that helps you plan, track, and manage your preventive and corrective maintenance activities. It enables you to create and assign work orders, schedule maintenance tasks, record asset details and history, generate reports and alerts, and more.

FastMaint CMMS is designed to be easy to use and flexible to suit your specific needs. You can customize the software to fit your industry, asset types, maintenance procedures, and workflows. You can also integrate it with other systems such as ERP, accounting, inventory, or barcode scanners.

FastMaint CMMS is available in three editions: Basic, Standard, and Professional. You can choose the edition that best matches your requirements and budget. You can also opt for a cloud-based or an on-premise deployment option.

How Does FastMaint CMMS Work?

FastMaint CMMS works by providing you with a centralized platform to manage all aspects of your maintenance operations. Here are some of the main features and functions of FastMaint CMMS:

  • Work Order Management: You can create and assign work orders for preventive or corrective maintenance tasks. You can specify the asset, location, priority, due date, parts, labor, instructions, and attachments for each work order. You can also track the status, progress, and costs of each work order.

  • Maintenance Scheduling: You can schedule maintenance tasks based on time intervals or usage triggers. You can also set up recurring maintenance plans for regular inspections or services. You can view and modify the maintenance calendar and get reminders for upcoming or overdue tasks.

  • Asset Management: You can record and store all the information about your assets and equipment in one place. You can enter the asset name, type, location, serial number, warranty, manufacturer, supplier, purchase date, cost, and other details. You can also attach documents, images, manuals, or certificates to each asset record.

  • Asset History: You can track and review the entire history of each asset from installation to disposal. You can see all the work orders, maintenance tasks, repairs, replacements, downtime incidents, meter readings, inspections results, and costs associated with each asset.

  • Report Generation: You can generate various reports and charts to analyze and improve your maintenance performance. You can choose from predefined reports or create your own custom reports using filters and criteria. You can also export or print the reports in different formats.

  • Alerts and Notifications: You can set up alerts and notifications to inform you or your team members about important events or issues related to your maintenance operations. You can receive the alerts via email or SMS. You can also configure the alerts to trigger actions such as creating work orders or sending reminders.

What are the Benefits of FastMaint CMMS?

FastMaint CMMS can bring many benefits to your business by improving your maintenance management processes. Here are some of the main benefits of FastMaint CMMS:

Increase Asset Availability and Reliability: By using FastMaint CMMS to plan and execute preventive maintenance tasks regularly,

  • you can reduce the chances of breakdowns and failures of your assets. This will increase their availability and reliability for your operations.

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Downtime: By using FastMaint CMMS to track and control the costs of labor,


and materials for each work order,

you can optimize your

  • Optimize your maintenance budget and resources. You can also reduce the downtime and lost productivity caused by unexpected breakdowns and repairs.

  • Improve Maintenance Quality and Compliance: By using FastMaint CMMS to document and store all the information and records related to your maintenance activities, you can ensure the quality and consistency of your maintenance work. You can also comply with the regulatory and safety standards and requirements for your industry.

  • Enhance Maintenance Visibility and Communication: By using FastMaint CMMS to access and share real-time data and reports on your maintenance operations, you can improve the visibility and communication among your maintenance team members, managers, and stakeholders. You can also make informed decisions and take proactive actions based on the data and insights.



FastMaint CMMS is a software solution that can help you improve your maintenance management processes. It allows you to plan, track, and manage your preventive and corrective maintenance activities. It also enables you to record and store all the information and history of your assets and equipment. It also provides you with various reports and alerts to analyze and optimize your maintenance performance. FastMaint CMMS can help you increase your asset availability and reliability, reduce your maintenance costs and downtime, improve your maintenance quality and compliance, and enhance your maintenance visibility and communication. FastMaint CMMS is easy to use and flexible to suit your specific needs and budget. If you are looking for a software solution that can help you manage your maintenance operations more efficiently and effectively, you should consider FastMaint CMMS. ba313b4491


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