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Angela White Yoga

For better improvement in mind and body, a healing yoga session needs to be taken to the next level. The ladies present inspire each others' movements and entice each others' sexual appetites. Featuring some of the hottest, beautiful and young women.

angela white yoga

I'm PCMag's expert on fitness and smart home technology, and I've written more than 6,000 articles and reviews in the 10-plus years I've been here. I unbox, set up, test, and review a wide range of consumer tech products from my home in Florida, often with the help of my pitbull Bradley. I'm also a yoga instructor, and have been actively teaching group and private classes for nearly a decade.

As it stands, Uber's workforce is largely white and Asian men, especially among those in tech and leadership roles. Just 15.4 percent of the company's tech staffers are female, while only 2.1 percent are Hispanic and 1 percent are black. Uber's diversity problem is perhaps most apparent when looking at the makeup of its tech leadership team, which is 88.7 percent male and entirely white or Asian.

Thousands of people dressed in white sat on yellow mats under the Eiffel Tower, and similar events were held in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Beijing, Manila and other places. Modi had lobbied the U.N. to declare June 21 as the first International Yoga Day.

Indian officials said more than 35,000 people participated in the New Delhi event that was also an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest single yoga class at a single venue. Guinness representatives said they hired more than 1,500 members of a global accounting firm to count participants.

Since the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol two years ago, we've learned a lot about the influence of QAnon. The baseless conspiracy theory claims a cabal of evil, Satan worshipping and blood-drinking elites control politics and media. And that thinking has slowly made its way into yoga and wellness circles. Emily Guerin from member station KPCC and LAist has the story of one Los Angeles yoga teacher's journey down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole.

GUERIN: Guru Jagat ran a Kundalini yoga studio in Los Angeles called the RA MA Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology. She had celebrity clients. She had a book deal, a clothing line, studios in Majorca and New York, and tens of thousands of Instagram followers. Here she is in a YouTube video from 2016 leading a class.

GUERIN: Jaclyn Gelb began taking yoga classes with Guru Jagat back in 2013. She told me that Guru Jagat had occasionally talked about conspiracies before the pandemic, but as it progressed, she began to speak more openly.

GUERIN: In the beginning of the pandemic, Guru Jagat suggested specific foods, yoga poses and breathing exercises to stay healthy. But over time, she began to defy local stay-at-home orders. Here's Guru Jagat teaching maskless and in person in late May 2020, in a class that was later shared on Instagram.

GUERIN: To be clear, millions of people enjoy practicing yoga and don't fall down conspiracy rabbit holes. But for Guru Jagat, there were a number of things that influenced her radicalization, some that are personal to her and some that had to do with her yoga practice. Matthew Remski is a journalist who hosts a podcast called "Conspirituality." And he told me there's actually quite a bit that yoga philosophy has in common with conspiratorial thinking, themes like everything is connected, nothing happens without a purpose and nothing is what it seems.

BEN LORBER: And you see that in also a lot of yoga and wellness communities - right? - where, you know, you stumble upon a kind of hidden knowledge that only you and a select few others have access to.

GUERIN: Since her death, her yoga studio, the RA MA Institute, has kept going full speed. And she's kind of become an angel-like figure watching over them. There's even an altar to her at the back of the studio. 041b061a72


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