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Subtitle Sorority House Massacre 1986

A little girl's brother kills the whole family, but she escapes by hiding in the basement. He is committed, and she grows up with a new family, eventually going to college and joining a sorority. Due to memory loss, she does not remember that the sorority house was her childhood home.Thank you, Roger Corman, for producing this cheap attempt at a slasher, cashing in on a craze at the time. You are a producing genius.I am more than a little confused by the "trying on the wardrobe" scene. Did it help the plot? No. This seemed like an excuse to play bad music for a minute and show three girls in various stages of undress. While (for good or bad) nudity is a crucial part of the slasher, this pushed the concept of "gratuitous" to new levels.The film was written and directed Carol Frank, assistant to the director of "Slumber Party Massacre". Clearly that film's influence on this one is obvious, if for n other reason than the title. And Frank has done little else in the world of movies... very mysterious. (For what it is worth, this film is more than good for a first time director... the potential for a career was certainly there.) The lead actress, Angela O'Neill, is unknown to most people, but she is actually now a success in Hollywood -- in the arts and props department. She has worked on such films as "American Beauty" and "Apollo 13". If this film did nothing else for the world of cinema, it launched O'Neill's career, and has benefited us all.

subtitle Sorority House Massacre 1986

Troubled young college student Beth (a solid and sympathetic performance by Angela O'Neill) has a strange feeling about the sorority house that her friends reside in. Her pals dismiss her warning about a knife-wielding killer. However, Beth proves to be right after psycho Bobby (a creepily intense portrayal by John C. Russell) escapes from a mental hospital and heads straight to the sorority house so he can embark on a murderous spree. Writer/director Carol Frank maintains a swift pace throughout, draws the characters with more depth than usual, generates a reasonable amount of tension, and delivers a satisfying smattering of tasty gratuitous female nudity as well as a sufficient helping of bloody violence. Moreover, Beth's various dreams and visions provide a sizable jot of eerie and unsettling surrealistic oomph. The actresses are quite pretty and personable: Wendy Martel as sweet psychology major Linda, Pamela Ross as perky ditz Sara, and Nicole Rio as bitchy party gal Tracy. Michael Wetherwax's spirited hum'n'shiver synthesizer score hits the shuddery spot. Marc Reshovsky's slick cinematography makes good use of a prowling hand-held camera and offers plenty of strikingly offbeat visuals. Recommended viewing for slice'n'dice fans.

Yes, really. A polished update of cult classic The House on Sorority Row, the 2000s version is about as absurd as you'd expect. Just look at that cast: Rumer Willis, Jamie Chung, The Hills' Audrina Patridge, and yes, Carrie Fisher as sorority house mother Mrs. Crenshaw. It's probably unfair to call Sorority Row underrated; perhaps it's more accurate to say it's misunderstood. Go in with the right expectations and have a blast. 041b061a72


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