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While China has historically been wary of getting closer to the Middle East countries, Xi has changed this approach.[264] China has grown closer to both Iran and Saudi Arabia under Xi.[264] During a visit to Iran in 2016, Xi proposed a large cooperation program with Iran,[265] a deal that was later signed in 2021.[266] China has also sold ballistic missiles to Saudi Arabia and is helping build 7,000 schools in Iraq.[264] In 2013, Xi proposed a peace deal between Israel and Palestine that entails a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.[267] Turkey, with whom relations were long strained over Uyghurs, has also grown closer to China.[268] On 10 March 2023, Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed to restore diplomatic ties cut in 2016 after a deal brokered between the two countries by China following secret talks in Beijing.[269]

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Xi and Putin met on 4 February 2022 during the run up to the 2022 Beijing Olympics during the massive Russian build-up of force on the Ukrainian border, with the two expressing that the two countries are nearly united in their anti-US alignment and that both nations shared "no limits" to their commitments.[277][278] U.S. officials said that China had asked Russia to wait for the invasion of Ukraine until after the Beijing Olympics ended on 20 February.[278] In April 2022, Xi Jinping expressed opposition to sanctions against Russia.[279] On 15 June 2022, Xi Jinping reasserted China's support for Russia on issues of sovereignty and security.[280] However, Xi also said China is committed to respecting "the territorial integrity of all countries",[281] and said China was "pained to see the flames of war reignited in Europe".[282] China has additionally kept a distance from Russia's actions, instead putting itself as a neutral party.[278] In February 2023, China released a 12-point peace plan to "settle the acute crisis in Ukraine"; the plan was praised by Putin but criticized by the U.S. and European countries.[283]

Since Xi came to power, China has been rapidly building and militarizing islands in the South China Sea, a decision Study Times of the Central Party School said was personally taken by Xi.[293] In April 2015, new satellite imagery revealed that China was rapidly constructing an airfield on Fiery Cross Reef in the Spratly Islands of the South China Sea.[294] In May 2015, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter warned the government of Xi to halt its rapid island-building in disputed territory in the South China Sea.[295] In November 2014, in a major policy address, Xi called for a decrease in the use of force, preferring dialogue and consultation to solve the current issues plaguing the relationship between China and its South East Asian neighbors.[296]

Internal Chinese government documents leaked to the press in November 2019 showed that Xi personally ordered a security crackdown in Xinjiang, saying that the party must show "absolutely no mercy" and that officials use all the "weapons of the people's democratic dictatorship" to suppress those "infected with the virus of extremism".[400][406] The papers also showed that Xi repeatedly discussed about Islamic extremism in his speeches, likening it to a "virus" or a "drug" that could be only addressed by "a period of painful, interventionary treatment."[400] However, he also warned against the discrimination against Uyghurs and rejected proposals to eradicate Islam in China, calling that kind of viewpoint "biased, even wrong".[400] Xi's exact role in the building of internment camps has not been publicly reported, though he's widely believed to be behind them and his words have been the source for major justifications in the crackdown in Xinjiang.[407][408] In the Xinjiang Police Files leaked in 2022, a document quoting Minister of Public Security Zhao Kezhi suggested that Xi had been aware of the internment camps.[409]

An app for teaching Xi Jinping Thought had become the most popular smartphone app in China in 2019, as the country's ruling CCP launched a new campaign that calls on its cadres to immerse themselves in the political doctrine every day. Xuexi Qiangguo is now the most downloaded item on Apple's domestic App Store, surpassing in demand social media apps such as WeChat and TikTok.[489] In 2021, the government included Xi Jinping Thought in the curriculum including to students from primary schools to university, which created pushback from parents. For much of the preceding 30 years, political ideology and communist doctrine were not a standard taught in Chinese schools until middle school, and textbooks featured a wider set of Chinese leaders with less emphasis on a single leader like Xi.[490]

The church, as already noticed, is that of Grasmere. Theinterior of it has been improved lately and made warmer byunderdrawing the roof, and raising the floor; but the rude andantique majesty of its former appearance has been impairedby painting the rafters; and the oak benches, with a simplerail at the back dividing them from each other, have given wayto seats that have more the appearance of pews. It is remarkablethat, excepting only the pew belonging to RydalHall, that to Rydal Mount, the one to the Parsonage, and Ibelieve another, the men and women still continue, as used tobe the custom in Wales, to sit separate from each other. Isthis practice as old as the Reformation? and when and howdid it originate? In the Jewish synagogues, and in LadyHuntingdon's chapels, the sexes are divided in the same way.In the adjoining churchyard greater changes have taken place.It is now not a little crowded with tombstones; and near theschool-house, which stands in the churchyard, is an uglystructure, built to receive the hearse, which is recently come[7]into use. It would not be worth while to allude to thisbuilding, or the hearse-vehicle it contains, but that the latterhas been the means of introducing a change much to belamented in the mode of conducting funerals among themountains. Now, the coffin is lodged in the hearse at thedoor of the house of the deceased, and the corpse is so conveyedto the churchyard gate. All the solemnity whichformerly attended its progress, as described in this poem, is putan end to. So much do I regret this, that I beg to be excusedfor giving utterance here to a wish that, should it befall me todie at Rydal Mount, my own body may be carried to GrasmereChurch after the manner in which, till lately, that of every onewas borne to the place of sepulture here, namely, on theshoulders of neighbours; no house being passed without somewords of a funeral psalm being sung at the time by the attendantsbearing it. When I put into the mouth of the Wanderer,"Many precious rites and customs of our rural ancestry aregone, or stealing from us; this, I hope, will last for ever," andwhat follows, little did I foresee that the observance and modeof proceeding which had often affected me so much would sosoon be superseded.

[GN] Compare Wordsworth's Description of the Scenery of the Lakes, section2. "To begin with the COTTAGES. They are scattered over the vallies,and under the hill sides, and on the rocks; and, even to this day, in themore retired dales, without any intrusion of more assuming buildings;

2020 REALTOR Good Neighbor Greg Masucci opened a farm program four years ago that employs intellectually and developmentally disabled teens and young adults as growers. Nationwide, 80 percent of people with intellectual disabilities are unemployed. Masucci has been able to add more workers during the pandemic because of the added needs of local food banks. The program builds self-esteem and job skills among growers, who sometimes move on to other career paths. 041b061a72


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