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Buy Hello Kitty Cake

This awesome cake is small but adorable and tasty. Customer Service is the BEST! I had ordered two. One arrived perfectly and the other was damaged. Called Customer Service and within minutes the problem was solved.Thanks for a wonderful experience!

buy hello kitty cake

Fans of Hello Kitty are sure to love this cute Hello Kitty cartoon cake. With a sweet little bow in her hair, Hello Kitty is ready for any celebration! Decorated using the star technique, this cake requires some patience to complete, but the end result will be purr-fect!

  • Cake Mold Details. Use a pastry brush to help spread the non-stick spray into the corners of the pan. This will sharpen the detailed outlines of the cake.

  • Cooling Cake To prevent cracking or breaking. Let the cake cook for about 2 hours before decorating.

Buttercream Consistencies.

In a hurry? Pickup a ready made DQ cake or a DQBlizzard Cake at many of our participating stores. Planning a special occasion? Customize a cake with an image to match your occassion. Many cake designs allow you to personalize colors, add photos, and more. Orders can be picked up 24-72 hours after placed.

I love your blog!!!! I found it through a girlfriend and everytime I come on here I am inspired! I wish I was this talented to make something as cute as this! Unfortunatley I only can make a simple cake! :D

Too cute! I have to tell you that I had a dream about your blog last night. You made Mojito cake and then made it into mojito balls dipped in white chocolate with a hint of lime. I must read your blog too much if I am dreaming about it! LOL

what cake recipe did you use for these? I started out trying to make the red velvet cake balls, but they were just too mushy and greasy, and they never made it to the chocolate coving stage! Great job on these! Are you still in process of doing a cake pop book?Thanks for sharingKelly

Personally, I think the cake should be either melted by Bad Badtz-Maru, buried in the ground by Pochacco, drowned by Kerokerokeroppi, or violently cut into pieces by Chococat. Yes, part of my head is filled with the names of Sanrio characters. No Google or Wikipedia for me.

WOW! $26?! That gotta be the most expensive product you ever reviewed! I could do the similar type of cake for almost 75% less money on it! Just a couple cheap cartons of ice cream, get sprinkles from the self-serve yogurt place for $2. Then make homemade whipped cream frosting. BAM better cake

YOu can fricken go to hell lady! I had this cake for my 35th and it was wonderful! the icing was like glue huh? yeah well it says on the box to allow it to thaw for 15 minutes learn how to fricken read!

All Sanrio fans will love our Hello Kitty Cake Pop Maker. Take your dessert making to the next level with this non-stick cake pop maker. Whether you like them rainbow, chocolate or vanilla, the regulated thermostat and weighted lid ensure even heating, while the dual indicator lights make adding cake batter and removing the finished product easy. This Hello Kitty cake pop machine is compact, easy to use and easy to clean.

Sift together cocoa powder, flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, and salt into a large bowl. In a mixing stand, beat eggs for a few minutes until they become a pale yellow. Beat in oil, buttermilk, and vanilla. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and slowly add the chocolate. Slowly add the dry ingredients and mix until just incorporated. Pour batter into the lined pan. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Allow the cake to cool completely.

Then take the first cake pop and dip it into the candy melt. Make sure it is fully submerged and that the candy coats the stick. Then pull it out in one movement and remove the excess coating by tapping the left hand on your right wrist and turning the pop at the same time so that the coating gets evenly distributed.

Wow these came out great! You went from novice to pro in a flash! Didnt you say this was your first time making? One day your daughter will remember this and be like- this one time my awesome mom made me Hello Kitty cake pops for my bday and it was awesome!!!

An idea for a girl birthday cake, so cute but yummy. We use our fresh butter sponge cake then trim off to Kitty face then one of our team will decorate your cake as beautiful as an Kitty with an edible fondant red ribbon to top head.

Tip: I moved the kids table to in front of the scene setter for cake so that we would get fun pictures with the Hello Kitty scene setter in the background. Seriously, definitely worth the $5! (Adeline wasn't sure what to think of the candles at first!)

So the 3 year old birthday cake I did as a chocolate sheet cake, since she wanted a chocolate cake. Only then I was left trying to figure out how to make a white cat. I finally decided to frost it in white frosting and then draw Hello Kitty on top of the cake. I simply printed a picture of Hello Kitty and traced that with black frosting. Then I cut the smaller pieces out and traced them as well, and filled in spots with colored gel frosting. I cut a piece of yellow Starburst for the nose, and used the black frosting for the eyes.

Once the cakes were cooled, I simply cut one of the rounds into sixths, and used 2 triangle pieces stacked on top of each other so the ears were the same height as the rest of the cake. That left 2 pieces, which of course I had to sample to make sure they were safe to eat!

I just love that cake! I know when my girls were little they would've been over the moon for something so adorable! Now, they're the ones who would be making cakes like this for their friends. lol I make my kids cakes, but they're just the rectangle cakes. I suppose I should step up my game. =)

This cake is fairly easy to make, I chose the italian meringue frosting because it is brilliant white, you will need a candy thermometer to make it. If you do not mind if it is not white then you could use cream cheese frosting or butter cream or whipped white chocolate ganache instead.

Hi Olivia, You can make this cake the day prior and add the liquorice details, the only thing I would leave off is the fondant bow. Make it and just add it on the day. The moisture from the italian meringue can cause it to weep if left for a long time.

Welcome to A Cake On Life! I'm Vicki and this is where I share all my caking adventures! I absolutely love creating cake toppers and sharing tutorials on how to make them.Click above to find out more. 041b061a72


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