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Dawntide Mmo Game Crack [TOP]

Most of my weekend gametime was spent playing Aion. Yes, I can now actually play! I have been pushing through the PvE content at a pretty good pace. Due to the smoothness of the engine, it actually isn't too painful. Although, I'm not sure I'll be able to do it a second time with an alt.Sunday morning I reached rank 19 but had completed most of the quests in the zone. The final campaign quest required defeating a boss. I just didn't have a block of time big enough to get it done with a group. That left me with two options: grind it out or head to a level 20+ zone. I chose the latter.There are two zones that have level 20 quests. Brusthonin is a PvE only zone and Morheim which has some rift based PvP. Morheim was the obvious choice for me. It turns out each side has a quest that takes them very close to the enemy starting point. The result is that there is PvP right next to the base.It wasn't long before I had my first Aion PvP experience. One of my guildmate's (a Templar) engaged him and I hung back and healed. As this Elyos was alone, he did not have much of a chance. We won easily and I got my first Abyss points.One nice touch about Aion PvP is that you cannot see the level of the opposing player. They all show ?? in their level circle. So you may want to choose who you attack more carefully, as they could be a higher level. I should mention that later on I also experienced my first PvP loss. It was my fault and I let a Ranger get to me while I was healing another player.Much like LoTRO and WAR, I'm finding it tough to do PvE now that I have a taste of PvP. I spent the rest of my game time just hanging out and looking for Elyos. It would have been better spent getting to level 20, but not nearly as fun.createSummaryAndThumb("summary4228806555458533623");Read More

Dawntide Mmo Game Crack

I mean that literally. Until recently, the PvP areas were not marked on the map. As there are several areas and the sectors are just so huge it was a bit of a pain to find them. Speaking of the map, I like the look of it as it fits the game well. There is another level of zoom, but this is the map for Sector 1. Yesterday I set out to explore and hopefully find some resources. I cleared out the inventory, made sure I had extra horse feed and set off into the wasteland. In the end, I found a rather expansive Coal, Copper and Iron field. The field seems to be in the middle of nowhere and rather inhospitable. The high level creatures there don't help matters. I was able to avoid them for the most part though. I loaded up the horse with about 50 copper and 50 coal before heading home.createSummaryAndThumb("summary7408152032574845834");Read More

While I still can't play Aion, I may as well give my impressions of it up to this point. Don't worry, it is not too colored by my current predicament ;) I've actually played through the first part of the game twice, due to the server move. The good news is the second time goes much quicker.Let's start with the positive side. It sure does feel polished. Is that like saying someone has a lot of personality? The graphics are good and combat is very smooth. It feels like it has been released for a year already.... which is has. That about covers the positive.On to what makes Aion meh to me. The gameplay is very derivative. Seriously, this is the same game we've been playing for years. I find it completely uninspired. That's ok though, as I'm not playing Aion for the PvE.I must be a glutton for punishment to put myself through 25 levels of this just to get to the Abyss. The wings are a neat touch, although a jetpack would be better. It would also be nice to be able to use them more. I should be able to play again tonight, but I have my doubts. Some issue will arise which will prevent it from happening.createSummaryAndThumb("summary3452597896596319037");Read More

As you have no doubt heard, the login queues during the Aion Head Start are crazy. Anywhere close to prime-time and you are looking at a multi-hour wait. Besides the obvious reasons, too many people and too little servers, there are other factors.One of Aion's features is the private store. You basically turn yourself into a stationary vendor selling your wares. When in store mode, the activity timer is disabled. So unless a networking hiccup disconnects you, you'll stay logged in.As broadband is the norm and most do not have hourly charges... a lot of people have the ability to leave Aion running. Combined with no activity timer you can guess what happens. There are loads of people using the private store to stay logged in around the clock. This is legitimate but it just contributes to the large queues we have been seeing. So far, I am not a fan of the private store. Due to the benefit of never logging off, they are everywhere. Most just use a default text or come right and say they are AFK. They must be contributing to the lag too. The concept sounds interesting, but at this point in the games life it is pretty annoying.createSummaryAndThumb("summary4570149153443613509");Read More

What do Aion and the Wizard of Oz have in common? They both seem to have a lot of little people in them. The height slider in character creation allows for a wide variety of heights. Normally I would support more options in character creation, but when PvP is a big part of the game is presents some issues.Smaller Hitbox. It's been shown that smaller characters have a smaller hitbox in Aion. Since Aion's combat does not have any FPS elements, it isn't a huge deal. You can also use tab to select them. It does make them harder to click on, which is still an advantage. Lost in a crowd. Smaller characters are also easier to hide in the crowd. There really isn't much that can be done about this, but it is also another small advantage. Fallen Earth had this problem earlier in its life. Since it uses a FPS-type system for combat it was a bigger issue. In the end, they ended up lowering the height range a player could choose. Otherwise everyone would have been quite little in PvP. In WAR, everyone has the same size hitbox.In Aion's case, smaller characters will have a slight advantage. Many of the PvP video's already show a plethora of small characters being used. The hitbox issue is just silly, everyone should have the same hitbox size. The only exception is if being smaller results in some disadvantage.It isn't a big deal, but PvPers will take any advantage they can get. Be prepared for the onslaught of Aion Gnomes ;)createSummaryAndThumb("summary8295632443937363320");Read More

  • September has been the month of MMO's. With three major launches it has been an exciting time. So far I have been sitting on the sidelines and not committing to any of them. That time is over. A winner in the "What MMO will Werit play in September" contest has been chosen! Lets take a quick look at the contestants.Champions Online+ Non-fantasy setting

  • + Amazing character customization

  • - Brand new with the associated issues

  • - Felt small

  • Fallen Earth+ Non-fantasy setting

  • + Crafting is a core part of the game

  • + Skill based

  • - Brand new with the associated issues

  • - Unsure of its future direction

  • Aion+ Highly anticipated, will be popular at least initially

  • + PvP based endgame

  • + Polished as it has been released for over a year in Eastern markets

  • + Many people I play WAR with will be trying it out

  • - Anime influenced art style

  • - Wings

  • - Same old quest leveling scheme

And the winner is... Aion. While there are quite a few things I do not like about Aion, the sheer amount of people that will be giving it a try makes it worth the cost. I will have no shortage of folks to play with as many CoWs will be giving it a shot. My pre-order is in, so next week I will be playing.There are really no losers here. I will also be jumping into Fallen Earth and Champions at some point, just not at launch. It has actually taken quite a bit of self control not to buy into those already. I can thank a free DDO for providing a distraction.Aion will be joining WAR as my 2 MMO's that I will subscribe to. Will I get beyond the free month of play? We shall see.createSummaryAndThumb("summary7638036603900833990");Read More

Recently, I took a trip with some family to an amusement park. While walking around, we came across a carnival game. You know the one where you compete with others over who can shoot the most water into a clowns mouth? Yeah, that's that's it. This by itself is normal, but you now win tokens.One token can be turned in for the small piece-o-crap prize while four can be turned in for the large piece-o-crap prize. That's all well and good but then I looked at the rules which stated: Everybody wins, Every time. I was taken aback by this, as these games had always rewarded the winner. Now it doesn't really matter if you win, you get a token just the same. On one hand this makes a lot of sense for the folks running the booth. If you want that large prize, you are guaranteed to get it in 4 games. That makes it a bit more tempting. Of course at $3 a game, they will make a tidy profit. On the other hand, this killed our motivation to play so we kept walking. The $3 price tag didn't help any, what the hell? In retrospect, the tokens should not have had any influence on our wanting to play. We were not playing for the prizes and there still would have been a winner. I guess we just don't want to see everybody winning. Hey, that's family :)This system is actually more extreme than what you would find in a MMO. There you at least have to do something for the tokens. In the carnival game, you really are just handing over money for a token. They should at least have had the winner get 2 tokens or something.createSummaryAndThumb("summary4297045429697458869");Read More


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