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Buy Bmw Wheels

Exclusive feel of racing in the garage: The M Performance tire bags protects the driver and the vehicle from getting dirty while transporting wheels. A stronger grip provides a comfortable transport of the wheels. Due to the special marking, indicating which tires is in each bag the individual tires can be quickly matched at any time.

buy bmw wheels

These valve stem caps are the perfect finishing touch to your wheels. Designed to work with the latest Tire Pressure Monitoring systems, these ultra-low weight caps are engineering to be beautiful and to last. All caps come in a set of 4 with BMW logo.

These valve stem caps are the perfect finishing touch to your wheels. Designed to work with the latest Tire Pressure Monitoring systems, these ultra-low weight caps are engineering to be beautiful and to last. All caps come in a set of 4 with M logo.

Timeless looks and unparralleled performace, German car manufaturer BMW has the entire spectrum covered from $100k supercars down to the everyday grocery getter. A popular car to modify with deep rooted motorsport lineage, custom wheels is usually the first modification most people make to their BMW. Choosing the correct wheel that fits your car, or choosing a wheel thats going to give you the look you want can be difficult. Luckily we've made the process easy! Simply input your informartion above (Year, Make, Model) and be taked directly to wheels that fit your vehicle. Whether you are just looking for wheels or want a complete wheel and tire package we've got you covered. Choose from top industry brands, with entry level wheel options all the way up to custom 3 piece forged wheels with endless finish options. What are you waiting for? Your dream wheels for your BMW are just a couple clicks away!

We believe that our wheels do more than just make the world more beautiful. We try to do more than just design good looking wheels. We believe that wheels are safety critical products and that they should be engineered to carry the weight of the vehicles that ride on them. This should never be in doubt. We believe that they should fit the vehicle perfectly and that half a millimeter does make a difference. We believe that quality matters. We don't like to compromise because sometimes there is no room for error.

AudioCityUSA is the best BMW Rims & Wheels Company providing superior 18/19/20/22/24 inch BMW Staggered Wheels services. We carry an extensive selection of BMW wheels. We have all sizes, widths, and finishes available on many BMW rims designs. Any of our BMW wheels can be custom colored or color matched anyway you like. We also offer custom built BMW wheels in any size or width for those looking for that aggressive look. .

In addition, you can customize the BMW rims and BMW M3 wheels so that the final design is tailored to your exact specifications.Some say the wider the rim, the more impressive, however, the details could make all of the difference. Customize your BMW rims with your unique details so that they match your personality. The BMW rims come in 1pc to 3 pc casts. The wide array design choices are endless from sporty to luxurious.All of the BMW rims, BMW M3 wheels, and BMW wheels for sale at Audio City USA are in stock so if you place an order today, it will ship tomorrow.

Chrome wheels on BMWs are also extremely popular, and also a huge pain in the ass. The biggest problem with chrome wheels is that aluminum just does not like to be chrome plated. Over time the chrome plate will begin to flake off, or bubble from underneath, causing all sorts of problems. Not only will your wheels look like crap, but that flaking will also cause the tire to slowly leak air as it is unable to create a good seal. I would stay away from chrome wheels unless you really have to have them. A good aluminum wheel, painted or polished, looks great.

For decades, BMW has earned a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of motorcycles and elegant cars. BMW has long had an excellent reputation in the world where quality, social commitment, first-class customer service and a multinational presence come together. Timeless design, sportiness and elegance stand for the premium manufacturer from the Bavarian capital Munich. Corresponding rims and complete wheels should also fit. You can find a first-class selection of original rims and complete wheels for your BMW here at Premium Wheels.

JNC wheels are a low pressure cast wheels. Low pressure casting uses positive pressure to move the molten aluminum into the mold quicker and achieve a finished product that has improved mechanical properties (more dense) over a gravity cast wheel....

JNC 75mm lug nuts are tapered and often referred to as conically shaped. They are 75mm in length. They are more narrow than your factory lug nuts and will fit in all JNC wheels and most other wheel brands. Each lug...

Keeping your BMW aluminum alloy wheels clean is a dirty but necessary job. This is especially true during the winter months when many places in the country use salt treatment on the roads to deal with the snow and ice. The most common grime thrown on your BMW wheels, however, is the brake dust from your own car. This brake dust, if left on too long, can damage the clear coat on the wheels.

Though their instructions on the bottle may differ slightly, the overall philosophy for their application is the same. First and foremost, wheels should be cool to the touch, and not in direct sunlight. Shake the bottle of wheel cleaner before use, and apply liberally from a short distance. Let the wheel cleaner soak in for 3-4 minutes.

Chemical Guys makes some great detailing videos and they also sell some great detailing products. Their choices of products can be overwhelming and they tend to be mission specific. The Signature Series Wheel Cleaner is listed as safe for most types of wheels and runs $15 for 16oz (475ml).

Another readily available wheel cleaner is Armor All. They sell five different products for wheels. I recommend their Quicksilver Wheel and Tire Cleaner. Advertised as a spray-on hose off wheel cleaner, I find it does a good job and is not a particularly expensive product. It runs about $20 for 700 ml.

BMW installs cast aluminum wheels that have been polished and clear-coated. Also, they recently announced the transition to sustainably produced aluminum wheels in 2024. Using our tips above will help you keep your BMW wheels in great shape avoiding damaging pitting and staining from brake dust. 041b061a72


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