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RPG Armed Emeth MOD APK: Download Now and Experience the Fun

RPG Armed Emeth: A Gritty and Oil-Fueled Adventure

If you are a fan of steampunk and fantasy, you might want to check out RPG Armed Emeth, a mobile RPG game developed by Hit-Point Co., Ltd. and published by KEMCO. In this game, you will roam the wilderness in battle golems, hunt down criminals and monsters, and uncover the secrets of a mysterious life force called Edea. RPG Armed Emeth is a game that combines a brave story of grit and oil with turn-based combat, golem customization, bounty hunting, and pixel art graphics.

What is RPG Armed Emeth?

RPG Armed Emeth is a role-playing game that was released in 2021 for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It is a pseudo-sequel to Rusted Emeth, another game by the same developers that was released in 2014. However, you don't need to play Rusted Emeth to enjoy RPG Armed Emeth, as they have different stories and characters.

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The story and setting of the game

The game takes place in a world that consists of two large continents, once ruled by the powerful Dernier Empire. The Empire used golems, mechanical creatures powered by Edea, to oppress the people. One day, one of the two moons fell from the sky along with a meteor shower, causing chaos and destruction. The people seized this opportunity to overthrow the Empire and establish communes, independent settlements that cooperate with each other.

You play as Valess, a boy who earns petty cash in a commune of drifters. He is suddenly met by Lock, a stand-alone golem who can speak and think for himself. Lock tells Valess that there is an enormous bounty on the head of the leader of a criminal organization, who is also responsible for kidnapping Valess' mother. Valess receives a golem of his own from Lock and decides to join him on an adventure across several continents to find his mother and claim the bounty.

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The gameplay and features of the game

The game is mainly divided into two modes: exploration and combat. In exploration mode, you can visit different locations such as towns, dungeons, forests, deserts, etc. You can interact with NPCs, shop for items and equipment, accept bounty orders from Bounty Centers, upgrade your golem at Golem Shops, rest at Inns or Camps, etc.

In combat mode, you will encounter enemies randomly or by touching them on the map. The battles are turn-based and involve using various commands such as Attack, Skill, Item, Defend, etc. You can also use special ammunition that can inflict different effects on enemies or allies. Your golem has four parts: head, body, arms, and legs. Each part has its own HP and can be damaged or destroyed by enemy attacks Continuing the article from the previous section:

Why should you play RPG Armed Emeth?

RPG Armed Emeth is not a groundbreaking or innovative game, but it is a solid and enjoyable one. It has its pros and cons, and depending on your preferences and expectations, you might find it more or less appealing. Here are some of the reasons why you should or shouldn't play RPG Armed Emeth.

The pros of the game

The unique art style and graphics

One of the most striking aspects of RPG Armed Emeth is its art style and graphics. The game uses pixel art to create a retro and nostalgic feel, but also adds some modern touches and effects to make it look more polished and dynamic. The game has a steampunk aesthetic, with golems, guns, gears, and pipes everywhere. The environments are diverse and detailed, ranging from green forests to snowy mountains to desert ruins. The character sprites are expressive and animated, and the golem designs are creative and varied.

The extensive bounty system and customization options

Another highlight of RPG Armed Emeth is its bounty system and customization options. The game gives you a lot of freedom and choice in how you want to play and progress. You can choose which bounties to accept, which locations to explore, which items to buy, which skills to learn, etc. You can also customize your golem by changing its parts, ammunition, Edea Stones, and colors. Each part has its own stats, abilities, and appearance, so you can mix and match them to suit your playstyle and preferences.

The immersive music and sound effects

The game also has a great soundtrack and sound effects that enhance the immersion and atmosphere of the game. The music is composed by Ryuji Sasai, who also worked on Final Fantasy Mystic Quest and SaGa 3. The music is catchy, upbeat, and fitting for each scene and situation. The sound effects are realistic and satisfying, especially the ones for the golem battles. You can hear the metal clashing, the bullets firing, the explosions booming, etc.

The cons of the game

The repetitive battles and enemies

One of the drawbacks of RPG Armed Emeth is its repetitive battles and enemies. The game uses a random encounter system, which means that you will often face the same enemies over and over again as you explore the map. The battles are not very challenging or strategic, as you can usually win by spamming the attack command or using your strongest skills. The enemies are also not very diverse or interesting, as they mostly consist of generic animals, monsters, robots, etc.

The lack of voice acting and animation

Another downside of RPG Armed Emeth is its lack of voice acting and animation. The game has no voice acting at all, which makes the dialogue feel less lively and engaging. The game also has very minimal animation for the cutscenes and events, which makes them feel less cinematic and impactful. For example, when a character gets shot or stabbed, they just fall down without any blood or reaction. When a character cries or laughs, they just show a static facial expression without any movement or sound.

The premium edition and DLCs

A final con of RPG Armed Emeth is its premium edition and DLCs. The game has two versions: a free version that lets you play up to Chapter 2 (out of 6), and a premium version that lets you play the full game for $7.49 (as of writing this article). The premium version also gives you some bonus items and features, such as extra save slots, fast-forward mode, no ads, etc. However, even if you buy the premium version, you still have to pay extra for some DLCs that add more content to the game, such as extra Edea Stones, extra bounties, extra golem parts, etc. These DLCs cost between $1.99 to $4.99 each (as of writing this article), which can add up to a lot if you want to get them all. Continuing the article from the previous section:

How can you play RPG Armed Emeth?

If you are interested in playing RPG Armed Emeth, you might be wondering how you can get the game and what you need to play it. Here are some of the information and tips that you might find useful.

The platforms and devices that support the game

RPG Armed Emeth is available for various platforms and devices, such as Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. However, not all of them have the same features and performance. For example, the PC version has better graphics and resolution than the mobile version, but the mobile version has touch controls and cloud saving. The console versions have achievements and trophies, but they also have longer loading times and higher prices. You should choose the platform and device that suits your preferences and budget.

The download links and prices of the game

You can download RPG Armed Emeth from different sources depending on your platform and device. Here are some of the links and prices that you can use (as of writing this article):





Free (up to Chapter 2), $7.49 (premium edition)


Free (up to Chapter 2), $7.49 (premium edition)







Xbox One/Xbox Series X/S


The tips and tricks for playing the game

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