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Modulus Of Rigidity By Static Method Pdf Free !LINK!

By nature, the distributed load is very often represented in a piecewise manner, since in practice a load isn't typically a continuous function. Point loads can be modeled with help of the Dirac delta function. For example, consider a static uniform cantilever beam of length L \displaystyle L with an upward point load F \displaystyle F applied at the free end. Using boundary conditions, this may be modeled in two ways. In the first approach, the applied point load is approximated by a shear force applied at the free end. In that case the governing equation and boundary conditions are:

Modulus Of Rigidity By Static Method Pdf Free

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Dynamic phenomena can also be modeled using the static beam equation by choosing appropriate forms of the load distribution. As an example, the free vibration of a beam can be accounted for by using the load function:

The superposition method involves adding the solutions of a number of statically determinate problems which are chosen such that the boundary conditions for the sum of the individual problems add up to those of the original problem.

Another commonly encountered statically indeterminate beam problem is the cantilevered beam with the free end supported on a roller.[5] The bending moments, shear forces, and deflections of such a beam are listed below:


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