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Best App To Buy Sneakers _TOP_

Unfortunately, buying in-demand sneakers these days isn't as easy as it used to be. The chances of wandering into a retail store and finding a rare pair are slim to none, and even highly trafficked websites are as plagued with bots as ever, but apps are often more reliable. Thanks to raffle systems and an evolving aftermarket, the right apps can remedy a lot of the headaches that come along with buying sneakers in 2019.

best app to buy sneakers

StockX have stamped themselves as the go-to platform for sneakerheads searching for secondary market cops. Specialising in sneakers, StockX also deals in the latest streetwear, accessories, and even handbags.

While there are other sneaker apps that you can use for buying, exploring, researching, etc., these were a few that we felt were the best. Whether you choose to use the apps listed in this article or not, we hope our roundup was helpful.

Hunting For Kicks is an independent online magazine show hosted by Mkay Frash, dedicated to showcasing and documenting urban youth and sneaker culture. First launched in 2013, the aim of the show is to share knowledge on the essence of sneaker culture and the people who truly live it. We do not support the notion of hoarding of shoes; we support the love and appreciation of sneakers as wearable art and memorabilia. Everyone has a unique story behind their favorite pairs and culture as a whole.

Who better to come up with one of the best sneaker apps than a footwear giant with a reputation for stylish, iconic kicks that precedes itself? Make sure the Nike SNKRS app is on your phone and at the ready, all the better to keep up with exclusive releases and news from one of the best sneaker brands on the planet.

Kixify makes it mighty simple to dive right in and check out the coolest, best sneakers on the market, with a focus on everything from classic Nike Blazer high-tops to bold, fresh Air Jordan kicks to add to your collection. Buy and sell with ease across multiple categories, but keep an eye on your favorite pair or pairs before they sell out.

Grailed is a pioneer in the streetwear and sneaker resale market, the subject of intense devotion from enthusiasts who haggle and barter over limited streetwear releases from the likes of Off-White or over sneakers from iconic brands like Nike. The site is an industry leader that each and every sneakerhead should keep handy when new, coveted releases hit the market.

Aglet players can roam the Aglet universe, wearing virtual sneakers while connecting with like-minded collectors. Just five weeks after its launch on April 12, Aglet amassed 50,000 users and enough collective steps to walk to the moon. In light of the pandemic and its associated lockdown orders, Aglet added a feature that allows guests to play from home by connecting to Google Maps to virtually "travel" to different areas.

In addition to virtual drops, Aglet also gives users opportunities to cop real pairs of sneakers through partnerships with brands, retailers, and marketplaces. For example, Aglet hosted a contest for a giveaway of real Travis Scott AJ1s and Dunks. This contest generated a total of over 42,000,000 steps.

RSVP Kingz, a website that helps people get sneakers from hyped drops, has served over 50,000 unique customers to date. The website is an expedited-checkout service that, for a fee, essentially acts as a middleman for people who want to grab hyped sneakers when they go on sale.

The app utilizes a tool that compares prices of pairs across other retailers and marketplaces including Adidas, Converse, Flight Club, Goat, Stadium Goods, and StockX, allowing users to search for and find the best deal on a pair of sneakers.

In addition to purchasing sneakers, users also have access to original sneaker content such as interviews with industry experts and news on the latest drops. The app's tracking feature alerts users as to the latest sneaker trends, drops, and updates.

"As obtaining the sneakers you want becomes a more complicated process, we wanted to find a way to address the changing needs of a massive, global audience of sneaker fans," GM of Sole Collector Brendan Dunne said in a press release announcing the launch of the app. "We're excited to launch the Sole Collector app, a natural extension of our brand that serves as a new, one-stop resource for sneaker price comparison and collecting."

Nike and Jordan Brand are the biggest sneaker brands in the market, with fiscal 2021 sales recorded at $44.5 billion. As a result, the SNKRS app is where all the hardcore and casual fans of sneakers and fashion naturally gravitate.

Big releases this past year like the A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 2, Union x Nike Dunk Low, and Patta x Air Max 1 have been a success due to them implementing a new type of bot protection, utilizing Shopify Plus. This usually involves setting up a decoy site and using H-Captcha to throw off the bots. These are just some of the most recent releases in which hundreds of pairs of exclusive sneakers were copped by manual users while bots struggled. The development team at Shopify is always looking at how to better the user experience and disarm the botters. Anti-bot is your friend. So are monitors.

Adding keywords for your favorite sneakers sends you directly to the pot of gold without all the rainbow chasing of other apps. Drop Alerts 2.0 is tailored to your exact liking and can be customized to find kicks for the whole family.

The best thing about Grailed is its robust catalogue, which offers curated, peer-to-peer menswear from basically every high-end brand imaginable. Yes, you can buy and sell a ton of Supreme, but on Grailed you can also shop for new and lightly used Gucci, Raf Simons, Rick Owens and Saint Laurent. If you spend enough time browsing the app, you can find great pieces at affordable prices. (iOS, Android)

The Nike SNKRS app is available for Android and iOS. Once you've installed the app, it's time to create an account. Nike requires an account to be able to buy sneakers on the SNKRS app. To create an account you will need to enter a valid email address, password, name, DOB, country of residence, preferred product type and password. Upon creation, it is important to sign into the newly created SNKRS account to confirm and verify your phone number. Nike will send you a 6 digit code to do so.

Buying sneakers on the SNKRS app is relatively simple process once you understand Nike's different release methods. Nike employs a few different release methods on its app. Knowing how and when a sneaker is releasing can put you ahead of the curve. Unfortunately, Nike doesn't give much information on its different release methods or even how they are releasing the sneaker in question.

Luckily, Sole Retriever is a great resource to stay informed on when sneakers are dropping and how they will be released via SNKRS. Familiarize yourself with the release mechanics to be prepared for the next SNKRS drop. For simplicity, we are going to break drops into two categories - SNKRS draws and SNKRS releases.

DAN - 10-30 minute draw on Nike SNKRS. Stock on DAN releases tend to be more limited. Speed of entry does not matter. All users that enter within the 10-30 minute window have an equal shot of winning the sneakers. Once time runs out, Nike tends to alert users whether they won or lost the draw within 5 minutes. LEO - 2-3 minute draw on Nike SNKRS. LEOs are the most common draw type on SNKRS. Unlike DAN draws, there is not a countdown to enter. The speed in which you enter a LEO draw will not affect your odds of winning the draw, but the only way an entry will be considered is if an entry was received shortly after the draw opened.

SHOCK DROP - Nike loads a product for purchase with no warning. Speed is an important factor for shock drops. The faster users enter, the higher their chance of buying the sneakers will be.

There are hundreds of thousands of users trying to cop Nike's drops on SNKRS. While this guide will give you a slight edge, it is by no means a guarantee that you will cop the sneakers you want on release day. 041b061a72


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