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[S4E2] Lies REPACK

Sherlock and John arrive at a studio to meet with Smith, during which it's revealed Smith has used Sherlock's accusation as a publicity stunt to support his new brand of cereal, making him a "Cereal Killer" and claiming Sherlock was in on the joke, after which the latter takes them to visit a new hospital wing for which he had been a major donor. He subtly hints to Sherlock and John at being a serial killer while meeting with a group of children at the hospital. Smith takes Sherlock and John to his 'favourite room', the mortuary, whilst repeatedly referring to the American serial killer H. H. Holmes. John asks Smith how he moves through all of the rooms freely, to which Smith replies that he has keys to the hospital. Sherlock tries to goad Smith into a confession just as Faith arrives, having been texted by Sherlock from Smith's phone. Upon seeing her, Sherlock realises that she was not the woman who had come to his flat. Frustrated and suffering from withdrawal, Sherlock attacks Smith with a scalpel, but is stopped by John. John attacks Sherlock out of anger, and blames him for Mary's death.

[S4E2] Lies

Sherlock is admitted into Smith's hospital, where John pays him one last visit. Sherlock is then visited by Smith, who enters the room through a secret door. Sherlock asks Smith to kill him, and Smith complies after confessing to his murders. Unknown to him, the events were part of Sherlock's elaborate plot to expose Smith and fulfill Mary's last wish for Sherlock to "save John" by "going to Hell". Acting on Mary's orders, Sherlock puts himself in harm's way so that John would be compelled to rescue him, thus mending their broken friendship and "saving" himself. After seeing Mary's video for himself, John rushes to the hospital and arrives in time to pull Smith off Sherlock. Believing that he would be able to get away without proof of his confession, Smith is surprised when Sherlock reveals a recording device hidden in John's walking stick which John had left behind earlier. John reconciles with Sherlock, telling him that he no longer blames him for Mary's death. He also confesses to Sherlock that he had cheated on her by texting with another woman. Sherlock comforts him as he weeps, and John's hallucinations of Mary finally disappear.

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Argyle drop Mike, Will, and El off at Rink-o-Mania where a miserable Will is forced to play the third wheel all afternoon. El lies to Mike and says she goes to parties here at the skating rink all the time. Will confronts her when he and El get a minute alone and tells her Mike doesn't deserve to be lied to, and he's going to be upset when he finds out. Unfortunately for El, it looks like her lies are about to unravel, because Angela (Elodie Grace Orkin) and her pack of high school hyenas show up at the rink. They are delighted to see El, or "the snitch" as they're now calling her, obviously jumping at the opportunity to humiliate her in front of her boyfriend. They go over to El's table to introduce themselves, and Mike tells her it's nice to finally get to meet one of El's friends. Angela puts on her fakest smile and tugs El out of the booth to come skate with her. Will looks on nervously as Angela pulls El along the rink and a circle slowly forms, leaving El in the center. One of Angela's friends is holding up a giant video camera when one of the DJs announces that the next song is dedicated to Jane. Will hurriedly explains to Mike in a panic that El has been lying to him and that she has actually been having a hard time in California. "Wipeout" starts to play as all the kids start rolling up to El and call her a "freak" and a "loser" as they mockingly stretch their hands out like El did earlier when she instinctively reached for her powers. El starts to cover her ears and cry while Mike races to the DJ and demands they turn it off. Just as the record comes to a screeching halt, one of Angela's lackeys rolls up to El and throws a chocolate milkshake at her, causing her to slip on her skates and fall backward. Mike calls out to El and tries to break through the crowd while El makes an escape from the rink.

In Hawkins, everyone is watching the news where there are reports of an unnamed teenage girl who has just been found murdered. The cops question Jason (Mason Dye) about Chrissy's whereabouts last night: was she partying with them after the game? Did she purchase drugs to bring to the party? What is her relationship with Eddie Munson? Jason is stunned and terrified and tells them Chrissy said she was going home after the game to change. He insists that she would never do drugs and has nothing to do with a freak like Eddie. He storms into the woods and falls to his knees as he begins to sob and lets out a guttural scream. Later, he tells his boys that Eddie is a satanist who must have sacrificed Chrissy to the devil. He claims that Hellfire is a satanic cult. When Lucas tentatively tells him it is just a D&D club, Jason insists that there is an epidemic sweeping the country where people who play D&D are warping fantasy and reality and killing people. Convinced Eddie is going to kill again, Jason gives another one of his stupid motivational speeches where he rallies his teammates to hunt "the freak," Eddie Munson.

Adrien asks why Kagami brought her here, prompting Kagami to explain that she wanted to show him her talent in art. She explains how art never lies, and how the poses people make reflect their personalities, but her mother never let her draw because she didn't think she was good enough. Adrien then tells her that she was talented. Then, Kagami tells Adrien to make a pose so she can draw him. However, Kagami doesn't like them, saying that Adrien was making model poses. She asks him to pose over and over, but she still feels that the poses he made didn't reflect the real him. Then, Adrien decides to do a pose similar to the one he does at the end of the transformation sequence as Cat Noir. Kagami then says that he is acting silly. Adrien tried convincing her that acting silly was the real him, but Kagami doesn't agree. Then, she backs him against a wall, making Adrien nervous. Kagami states that this is the real Adrien, but Adrien isn't sure. Kagami leans in for a kiss, but then their phones ring to notify them about the fencing lesson. Adrien delightfully leaves.

In the courtyard, D'Argencourt has his students fence against one another. Adrien and Kagami begin fencing. Kagami stops, lifts her mask and gives Adrien's mask a kiss. Then, he takes off his mask and leans in to kiss her. But from the corner of his eye, Adrien notices Ladybug chasing after some pigeons. Then, Adrien lies about forgetting something in the locker room and leaves.

When they depart from the Liberty, Adrien points out that their cars didn't arrive and how he could've performed the song again. Kagami notes that they'll have more time together, but Adrien shakes it off, saying they will spend plenty of time together at the party. Kagami then says that she meant she wants to spend time with just him and how he makes her happy. She notices Adrien looking behind her and also looks, so Adrien lies about thinking there was a wasp behind them. Kagami asks if he loves her as well, but Adrien didn't pay attention. She asks what the matter was, and Adrien lies again, saying that he forgot something on the boat and that she should go without him. The Tsurugi car pulls up as Adrien leaves, and Kagami goes in.

Meanwhile, at the town hall, Kagami arrived at the party just as Mayor Bourgeois announces that it was an honor to celebrate Prince Ali's birthday with him. Tomoe questions why Kagami hadn't arrived with Adrien, as her and Gabriel agreed on it. Kagami then lies to her mother, saying that Adrien is answering questions for journalists. Then she goes outside, sits on the steps and clenches the bracelet in her fists.

Adrien arrives, telling Kagami that he didn't want to make her wait so long. Then, Kagami asks if he found what he was looking for. Adrien says he did, but then Kagami asks what it was. Adrien lies about how he was looking for the lucky charm Marinette gave him and tries taking it out of his pocket, only to realize that he genuinely lost it. Then, Kagami holds out the lucky charm, shocking Adrien. She then says that she also lied to see each him several times this day. Kagami pointed out that they are both liars, although while she lies to get closer to Adrien, he lies to get away from her. Adrien tries stopping her, but Kagami says that she'd rather be alone, and goes inside.

Shadow Moth senses Kagami's despair over Adrien repeatedly lying to leave her. Then, he sends an akuma to akumatize her. Kagami holds out the bracelet again with sadness. Then, the akuma infects it. Shadow Moth offers her the ability to rid the world of liars like Adrien in exchange for the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses. Kagami complies and says that no lie will be tolerated. Adrien opens the door to come inside just as Kagami transformed. He then shuts the door and Lies makes an orb. Adrien admits that it was all his fault Kagami was akumatized and transforms into Cat Noir.

Inside the party, Jagged Stone is in the middle of playing a song for Prince Ali on his guitar while Penny is trying to keep Fang under control. Then, Lies' orb enters the party. Everyone panicks and Lieutenant Roger pulls out his tazer, asking what it was. Lies then asks if Roger lies. He denies it, saying that a policeman never lies. However, Lies decides that he does lie and freezes him. Then, Lies asks if Tomoe lies. Tomoe responds by saying she doesn't permit her daughter to do this, but Lies freezes her as well. More people try escaping but become freezed as well. Then, Cat Noir comes in, urging Lies to stop. Just as she is about to freezes XY and Bob Roth, Lies decides to attempt paralyzing Cat Noir. He says that that he will be able to defeat her, and Jagged Stone says he will help too. Cat Noir tells Jagged to leave, but he doesn't listen. Then, Bob called out that Jagged lies about his age, and he is paralyzed as well along with XY and Bob Roth. 041b061a72


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