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[S2E7] Unmasked

So if you recall, Din Djarin has been unmasked only once before in this show. The first time it happened was when he was wounded badly and Cara Dune had to help him which meant taking off his helmet. We all knew who it was under the helmet, but it was SUCH a surprise to see him finally remove it.

[S2E7] Unmasked

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Tonight, Fox's smash hit reality competition series brings five familiar costumed contestants back to the stage to sing their hearts out yet again -- while the panel of celebrity "detectives," including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy, try their best to guess the singers' secret identities -- before one more singer is unmasked.

Last week's jam-packed double-episode spectacular saw two stars unmasked in the same night, when fans had to say goodbye to The Penguin and The Black Widow -- who revealed themselves to be comedian Sherri Shepherd and actress Raven-Symone, respectively.

At the end of the episode, it was revealed Ladybug would be flying away from the sing-off. The panelists stuck with their suspicions expressed earlier in the show, but were blown away when the contestant was unmasked as Kelly Osbourne.

"It's a promise of sorts that we've still got a reason to be with the show, and it sets us up for the middle portion of this cycle. This good will is carried through episodes 15 and 16, as the killer is finally unmasked, and as the Log Lady tells us in her intro, shifts the queries from who to why."

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