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Anna (2019) Full Movie in Hindi Download | 480p | 720p | 1080p BluRay

Anna Karenina, in Imperial Russia in 1874, travels from St. Petersburg to Moscow to save the marriage of her brother Prince Vronsky, who had had a love affair with his housemaid. Anna meets the cavalry officer Count Vronsky at the train station and they feel attracted by each other.

Anna dual audio english hindi

The study protocol was approved by the Institutional Review Boards of the University of KwaZulu Natal (Ref. BE053/14), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Ref. 4968-05), and the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (Ref. MU/DRP/AEC/Vol. I/14). All study participants received an oral explanation of the study and provided written informed consent. All qualitative research instruments, such as the interview questionnaires, the focus group discussion guides, and the field observation questionnaires, were translated into Kinyarwanda, translated back into English, and pre-tested in Kigali. Each participant received 20,000 Rwandan francs (approximately US$20) for their time.

A senior statistician who had been blinded to the data entry of the questionnaire, the video, and the survey enumerators processed the data. In addition, at the end of the field data collection, the original participant files were unsealed to verify the data that were collected from the questionnaire and the audio. The data were then double checked with the original questionnaires and data. Data entry operators received a 15,000 RWF minimum wage (approximately US$15) for their effort. Data entry operators and field supervisors received a total of 30,000 RWF (approximately US$30) for their effort. The audio data was transcribed by trained survey enumerators. At the end of the field data collection, two field supervisors were compensated with a monthly bonus of 10,000 RWF (approximately US$10) for their effort. In total, the enumerators received 60,000 RWF (approximately US$60) for their effort.


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